Corona Plugin for Xcode

Use Xcode as IDE for Corona

This video shows some of the features of the plugin. You need to go fullscreen to see what is going on!
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Requires OS X 10.9 or later.

This plugin adds a set of new features to Xcode turning it into an easy to use, smooth and efficient editor for pure Lua-based Corona projects. ( Corona is a software development platform created by Corona Labs - )

The plugin is also a great addition if you are working with Corona Native or Corona Cards. In this case you will achieve an excellent workflow by being able to do both Corona/Lua code and native code side by side in Xcode.

  • Corona Debugger NEW! in version 1.5
  • Corona Simulator integration Hit “Run” in Xcode and the Corona Simulator will open current project.
  • Corona Simulator output shows in the Xcode console (optional).
  • Syntax highlighting for Corona/Lua
  • Auto completion library calls, keywords, constants etc.
  • Snippets declarations, loops, conditions etc.
  • Corona project and file templates built into Xcode.
  • Corona API documentation look up from selected text.
  • Corona daily build picker dialog to easily switch between daily builds
  • Custom behaviors and keybinding set for Corona.
  • One click installer No messing with the command line to install this plugin.
Here is a short guide. Please read it before using the plugin.
For any feedback, questions or issues please email me at

Read Corona Labs feature of the plugin on their blog
Note this is a third-party plugin and is not affiliated with Corona Labs in any way.