Solar2D Plugin for Xcode

Use Xcode as IDE for Solar2D

This video shows some of the features of the plugin.
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This plugin adds a set of new features to Xcode turning it into an easy to use, smooth and efficient editor for pure Lua-based Solar2D projects. ( Solar2D is a software development platform previously known as Corona )

The plugin is also a great addition if you are working with Solar2D Native. In this case you will achieve an excellent workflow by being able to do both Solar2D/Lua code and native code side by side in Xcode.

  • Solar2D Simulator integration Hit “Run” in Xcode and the simulator will open current project.
  • Solar2D Simulator output shows in the Xcode console.
  • Syntax highlighting for Solar2D/Lua
  • Auto completion library calls, keywords, constants etc.
  • Snippets declarations, loops, conditions etc.
  • Solar2D project and file templates built into Xcode.
  • Solar2D API documentation look up from selected text.
  • Custom behaviors and keybinding set for Solar2D.
Here is a short guide. Please read it before using the plugin.
For any feedback, questions or issues please email me at

Read Corona Labs feature of the plugin on their blog